Winter Courses in Epidemiology

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Winter Courses: Program 2021


Six of the courses are organized in Amsterdam. During these courses, you are free in the evening and you can choose a hotel by yourself.

The seventh one wil be an online course this year.

The following courses are part of the EpidM Winter Courses:
(If you click the title you get the full course description.)

In Amsterdam:

• Clinical Prediction Models (WK80)

3 days; 6, 7, 8 January 2021

Causal Inference (WR87) NEW COURSE
3 days: 11, 12, 13 January 2021

• Mixed Models (WR05)
4 days; 14, 15, 18, 19 January 2021

• Missing Data: Consequences and Solutions (WV81)
3 days; 20, 21, 22 January 2021

• Lifestyle Epidemiology (WR86)
3 days; 27, 29, 30 January 2021

• Item Response Theory (WK83)

3 days; 8, 9, 10 February 2021


• Clinimetrics Assessing Measurement Properties of Health Measurement Instruments (WV40)
3 days course but can be followed in a period of two weeks: from 25 January until 5 February 2021

The EpidM Winter Courses provide a unique possibility to follow advanced level epidemiology and applied biostatistics courses while experiencing the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

One of the strengths of these courses is the combination of lectures and computer practical’s, which allows participants to put into practice in the afternoon what they have learned in the morning. The courses are also taught by highly experienced teachers, some of whom have written their own best selling textbooks which are used as course material.
The organising committee has developed a very interesting programme which covers Mixed Model Analysis, Clinimetrics, Clinical Prediction Models and Missing Data. In 2020 we organize one new courses: Causal Inference.

What’s more, if you sign up for more than one course in the winter programme, you will be offered a reduced fee on all your chosen courses.

Clicking here you get an overview of the EpidM Winter Courses in 2021

Register now and get involved in the EpidM Winter Courses in Amsterdam or our online course Clinimetrics!

A chance not to be missed!

We very much look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam or online!

Professor J.W.R. Twisk
Programme director EpidM Winter Courses

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