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EpidM is part of the department of Epidemiology & Data Science (EDS) of Amsterdam University Medical Centers (Amsterdam UMC). Education is provided by Professors and senior researchers from the EDS department and departments of the Amsterdam Public Health research institute (APH) and by several guest lecturers, experienced epidemiologists and biostatisticians from academic and non-academic research institutes.

The EDS department initiates and conducts epidemiological research in various settings. The department also offers research support in the field of epidemiology and biostatistics to researchers of the eight research institutes of Amsterdam UMC. The department also develops qualitative and quantitative methods for medical and health scientific research. There are expert groups in areas such as: Decision modeling and Healthcare evaluation, Lifestyle and Chronic disease epidemiology, Aging and Longitudinal Modeling, Life course epidemiology, Measurement and Evidence synthesis, Big Statistics and Bioinformatics and Biomedical computing. Finally the department also provides education within the bachelor and master of Medicine (Vrije Universiteit and Universiteit van Amsterdam, various biomedical masters, medical information science, postgraduate Oral Health Science and the postgraduate master Evidence Based Practice in Health Care.

The programme director of EpidM is Professor J.W.R. (Jos) Twisk, PhD.