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Winter Courses 2022: one new Course!

Gepubliceerd: 6 augustus 2021
From 10 January- 18 February 2022 we organize for the tenth time our Winter Courses in Epidemiology.

Due to the uncertain situation surrounding the corona virus, we have decided to offer 5 of our courses ONLINE in January and February 2022. This makes it possible for all our foreign students to follow the courses offered and we are not hindered by any travel restrictions.

These courses are online:

  • Causal Inference and Propensity Score Methods (WK87)
  • Item Response Theory (WK83)
  • Clinimetrics: Assessing Measurement Properties of Health Measurement Instruments (WV40)
  • Missing Data: consequences and solutions (WV81)
  • Clinical Prediction Models ad Machine Learning (WK80)

The following courses are face tot face in Amsterdam:

  • Multilevel Modelling and Longitudinal Data Analysis (WK75) ; NEW COURSE
  • Lifestyle Epidemiology (WR86)

You can subscribe now for our wintercourses.

All information on our special page Winter Courses in Epidemiology.